Valtalia | Corporate Social Responsibility
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We integrate our Corporate Social Responsibility strategies to the business strategy.


The Valtalia group understands Corporate Social Responsibility as an ethical commitment in all of the companies and territories where it develops its activities. That is why it aligns its corporate responsibility with the business strategy in order to achieve its economic and social objectives. Consequently, it responsibly acts according to the following principles:

- Excellence in job relations, talent management, professional development and occupational security.
– Ethics, integrity and professionalism in the group’s relations with its groups of interest.
– Contribution towards sustainable economic development and society welfare.
– Respect for the economic, social and environmental sphere.


Commitment to training, motivation, professional development and personal growth of our human capital.


Commitment to obtaining the maximum satisfaction through our products and services.


Commitment to obtaining the maximum common benefit, generating the highest trust and mutual benefit levels.


Commitment to financial strength by means of the economic profitability of the investments that the group undertakes.


Commitment to development and growth in the different communities where the group is based.


The quality policy of the Valtalia group is aimed to increase the quality level of the products and services developed, by continuously improving the different group’s activities. This commitment to quality is developed by means of the following actions:

- Establishing permanent training programmes that entitle us to have staff with a high quantification level.
– Ensuring the compliance with the current applicable specifications, legislation and regulations.
– Offering products and services adapted to the needs and expectations of our clients.
– Having an active participation of employees for the management and development of quality.


Being environmentally friendly is a fundamental principle in all the activities of Valtalia group. Its objective is to prevent pollution with the maximum respect and care of the environment. This commitment to the protection of the environment is developed by means of the following actions:

– Environmental training and diffusion of the good environmental practices for all the employees.
– Reducing waste generation, favouring their recycling and valorisation.
– Ensuring the compliance of the current environmental legislation.
– Using existing natural resources rationally.


The Valtalia group commits to upright, ethical and responsible performance in all of its companies and activities. Our commitment to ethics, integrity and transparency is aimed to generate confidence and long-term commitment between the company and its stakeholder groups. This commitment to ethics is developed by means of the following actions:

- Establishing models and guidelines of professional, ethical and responsible behaviour that lead everybody within the group when it comes to the exercise of their activities.
– Preventing criminal or illicit behaviours by individuals in the development of their professional activities within the group.
– Establishing the tracking and monitoring mechanisms needed for guaranteeing its compliance.