Valtalia | Industrial Maintenance
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We are accredited as an installation and repairing company of pressure equipment according to the following standards: ISO 9001:2008 of quality management, ISO 14001:2004 of environmental management and OHSAS 18001:2007 of prevention of occupational risks.


In Valtalia we develop every project with an extraordinary quality and remarkable results thanks to the experience, high qualification and flawless professionalism of our human teams. Besides, we have complete and modern means that make us specialists in the creation, installation and maintenance of different industrial boiler works parts.

Hence, we offer a complete service that makes Valtalia a company that stands out for its efficacy and quality of products and services.


Our facilities have the most modern machines and tools for the machining of parts of very different dimensions. We combine different processes of machining with welding, assembly, etc, that, along with the great human team we have, grant us a great reliability in delivery deadlines and maximum quality for the manufactured products.

The experience and the high qualification of our professionals, along with the most adequate processes and means, allow us to proceed with the machining and part manufacturing, both in our facilities and in situ at our clients’ facilities.


Since our beginnings, we have undertaken several design, production and assembly works at industrial and urban solid waste treatment plants. The Valtalia group is made up by highly qualified staff with a wide experience in the sector and a professionalism backed by the achievement of high rates of availability in the facilities oriented towards a higher efficiency.

The know-how and the efficacy with which those projects have been carried out have turned us into a referent for this type of works, not only by granting its quality and deadlines, but by also granting its correct functioning and subsequent maintenance.



Keeping electrical installations in an optimal state by means of the adequate preventive maintenance reduces the risk of damage to individuals or installations and minimises the cost of production losses due to our clients’ breakdowns. Due to the complexity of the industrial electrical installations, maintenance is carried out by high qualified staff that periodically assesses the functioning of every electric circuit supplying the machines in order to be able to detect any kind of problem and to proceed with the immediate correction of breakdowns when they appear.

The advantages of this service are:
– Prevention of higher risks in the facilities, with the subsequent economic savings.
– Continuation of activity in optimal conditions.
– Higher security for workers.



We offer different services, such as preventive predictive corrective maintenance by means of techniques and technology specialised in the industrial productive computer equipment whose main energy source is electricity. Within the industrial productive sphere, this equipment – due to its complex installation and functioning – need maintenance for keeping the electronic device in an optimal state to carry out its activities.

The advantages of electronic maintenance are:
– Reducing economic losses derived from production downtime.
– Reducing production downtime to the minimum.
– Maintaining the equipment in a good operating capacity level.



The instrumentation is applied in the obtaining and processing of information coming from the worsening of performance, from which the monitoring and controlling of the different processes is carried out by using electronic devices and technologies. That is why instrumental maintenance has a great importance since it must keep the different instrumentation systems in optimal conditions for the proper control of the different process variables, such as pressure, temperature, flow, level, etc. with the aim of checking that those are kept within the adequate parameters – by acting on them if needed.

The advantages of instrumental maintenance are:
– Monitoring lesser problems that could eventually become greater issues that provoke production losses.
– Diminishing the economic impact derived from a production downtime.
– Reducing production downtime to the minimum.